Ice Sculptures offer visual impact at any event. Next time you are planning an event, please allow Summit Ice the opportunity to provide that finishing touch. We offer specialty creations and holiday displays, as well as event and company logo designs. Bring your ideas to us or we can provide suggestions.

Summit Ice offers delivery and professional set up. We can assist you every step of the way. Each sculpture and situation is unique. We will work with you to design a complete package that meets your expectations. Please contact us for a quote today.

Meet our Sculptor:
Summit Ice is fortunate to be working with artist Eric Silvio Fontecchio to create ice sculptures. Eric is a highly accomplished sculptor and has sculpted ice, snow, sand, clay, wood, stone, chocolate, butter, cakes, and Styrofoam. Some of his work has been for kings, presidents, and celebrities.  Eric started sculpting with ice as part of a summer job in the early 80’s. However, by the spring of 1983 Eric had turned this summer job into a full time career and has been sculpting ever since.

Eric has received numerous awards and recognitions including cover stories in both Boston Magazine and Where Magazine in Boston. Since 1983 Eric has been creating sculptures for First Night in Boston and consecutively since 1994 at Copley Square. Some of the themes he's created for First Night include Disney's Aladdin's Lamp and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Cinderella and Snow White (his own renditions), Hansel and Gretel, Tarzan, Noah's Ark and The Last Unicorn, New England Coastline, and Arctic Wonders, among others.

Please call Summit Ice at (413) 773-0234 to personally enjoy one of Eric’s masterpieces.

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