Summit Ice has been serving Western New England for over 3 decades. Our primary focus is on superior ice production coupled with outstanding customer service. This commitment to quality and service is exemplified in our name and logo. We will not stop working for our customers until we have reached the “Summit”—The Peak of Perfection.

Summit Ice manufactures cocktail ice, ice blocks, luges and dry ice. We also work with with a master ice sculptor who has the amazing talent to create the artistic masterpiece of your dreams.

Summit Ice takes quality seriously.  Our water is triple filtered before it is frozen.  Purification starts first with cartridge filters to eliminate any particulate that may be in the water.  It then goes through a carbon filtering station where off tastes and odors are removed. This is followed by UV Light treatment to kill bacteria. In fact, the first hands that touch Summit's crystal clear ice are yours.  

Our distribution covers a large area within New England and special arrangements can be made for deliveries outside our normal distribution area. The Summit team always works with a solution driven mindset, and we value all business opportunities.

Summit also offers wholesale customers merchandisers to keep the bags of ice cold and fresh. Regular deliveries to maintain ice inventory can be scheduled. We also provide routine merchandiser maintenance to ensure that our equipment runs efficiently and your ice stays cold!