Cocktail Ice:

We offer cubed ice in 5 lb. & 20 lb. bags. Whether you are packing a cooler for the day or "chilling" with your favorite beverage, our crystal clear ice is perfect for all occasions.  You worry about enjoying your event and let us worry about keeping it cool! 

Block Ice:

Block ice is an effective solution for your longer term cooling needs.  Block ice is a fantastic alternative to cubed ice for boating or camping trips, or for those times when buying more ice is not an option.  Ice blocks are most effective when used in combination with cubed ice.  The cubed ice provides the initial cool down, while the block maintains cooling for longer periods of time. Summit Ice offers both 11 lb. and 300 lb. blocks for this purpose. The 300 lb. blocks may be cut into smaller blocks if requested.  


Party luges can enhance any party.  From a simple luge, which is a rectangular slab of ice with curved channels carved into the face of the slab, to the most elaborate custom designs, our team will work with you to find the best design to commemorate your special event.

Pour your favorite beverage into the channel.  As the liquid makes its way down the luge the beverage is chilled to perfection. Cheers!

(Disposable drip trays are available upon request.)