Summit Ice is a full service, premium ice manufacturer located in Western Massachusetts. We offer ice for every occasion and our expert staff is available to help you with your ice needs. Whether it is cubed ice, block ice, dry ice, luges or ice carvings, we make every event "cooler"!

The Summit Ice distribution area covers all of Western Massachusetts, from Worcester to the Berkshires, and from Connecticut to Southern Vermont. We also deliver to southern New Hampshire including the Keene area, and as far north as Ascutney! Special delivery arrangements can be made for events throughout New England.


Cocktail Ice

Beverages simply just taste better with Summit Ice. Look for our ice boxes at your local stores and gas stations and pick up a bag today!

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Have you thought about ordering an ice luge for your next party? Your guests will never expect it, but will talk about it for days after. We can also help you design and carve a beautiful ice sculpture for your next company party or wedding. Guests will be amazed at what can be done with ice.

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Dry Ice

 Dry ice can be used to preserve perishable food and medical items, to liven up a halloween party, and it also has many industrial uses.  Check it out!

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